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File a Claim

How to File a Claim

Contact Amalgamated Life Insurance Company to begin the process of filing a claim.

Phone: 866-975-4089  •  Fax: 914-367-4114

Amalgamated Life Insurance Company
Disability Benefits Department
PO Box 5453
White Plains, NY 10602-5453

Claims Assistance

If you have questions, need help filing a claim, or have problems getting a claim approved, contact the VDP Customer Service Center.

Important Notice

IMPORTANT: If you leave the union for any reason or are no longer actively working due to suspension, furlough, retirement, or disability you must contact the VDP Customer Service Center to set up a secure ACH transfer for payments so that you can maintain coverage.

Please contact the VDP Customer Service Center at 224-770-5328 or info@smart-vltd.com if you need to make changes to your benefit election, have questions, or need to discuss payment options due to a change in work status.