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Frequently Asked Questions

When does open enrollment end?
Open enrollment ends on November 30th, 2019.

How does Amalgamated Life pay benefits?
They will send you a check.

After I secure coverage, can I increase my benefit amount?
Members who have a policy in effect can increase their benefit by $400 each open enrollment without medical questions. However, there is a maximum benefit cap of $5,000 and pre-existing limitations would restart for the additional benefit amount. Premiums for the additional coverage will be based on the age bracket you are in at the time the additional coverage is issued.

Will my premiums increase?
Your premiums are locked at the age your coverage was issued and will not increase as you get older.

Once I’ve enrolled and coverage has taken effect, can I lower coverage at any time?

Can I lower the duration from 5 year to 2 year?

How do I lower the duration or amount of my benefit?
Contact the SMART TD Enrollment Center to lower your benefit.

Do I continue paying premiums while I am on a disability claim?
If you are on a disability claim, 90 days after your date of disability your premiums will begin to be waived. During the 90 days, you can call the Enrollment Center to arrange payment or once your benefit has been approved the premiums can be deducted from your benefit payment.

What happens if I die while I am receiving a Monthly Disability Benefit?
If you die while receiving a Monthly Disability Benefit, Amalgamated Life will continue the payment of the benefit to your Beneficiary. To qualify for this benefit, Total Disability and the payment of the Monthly Disability Benefit must both have continued for at least 12 consecutive months before your death. Payments under this benefit will terminate on the earlier of: 1) the date that 3 monthly payments have been made to the Beneficiary under this benefit; 2) the date that the Maximum Disability Benefit Period ends; or 3) the date that the Beneficiary dies.

What if I elected coverage and I am in the Military?
Any person covered by this policy who is also a member of a reserve component of the armed forces of the United States, including the National Guard, is entitled, upon written request, to have their coverage suspended during a period of active duty as described in the policy. Amalgamated Life will refund any unearned premiums for the period of such suspension. Upon termination of military service of no longer than five years, the person has the right to renew his or her coverage on the same basis as before suspension of coverage took effect, without restriction as to pre-existing conditions except those applicable on the date coverage was suspended. Such renewal shall take effect on the date military service terminates, subject to written application and payment of the required premium within 60 days after such date.

What happens if I leave my job? Can I continue coverage?
Yes. If you are no longer a dues paying SMART TD union member working more than 20 hours per week, you may take your policy with you. To do so, you need to call the SMART VDP Enrollment Center to set up payments.

Does my rate depend on where I work or where I live?
Your rate is determined by the state you reside in.

Is the Voluntary Disability Plan (VDP) available for my spouse?
Only active dues paying SMART TD members can enroll, so it is not available to spouses.

What if I have another plan from another company as well as my Voluntary Disability Plan (VDP) through Amalgamated? If I filed a claim and was eligible for benefits thru both plans, would my benefit be reduced in any way?
No. Your Voluntary Disability Plan (VDP) benefit would not be reduced. The VDP benefit does not offset and pays in addition to all other benefits you receive (SMART TD VSTD, RRB, FELA Payments, Work-Comp, Social Security Disability, etc.)

If I live in Canada can I enroll?
If you reside in Canada, then you are not eligible for this coverage. In order for a member to be eligible, they must live in the United States.

Does payroll deduction happen once or twice a month? Can I choose?
The payroll deduction happens whenever your union dues come out.

What is simplified medical underwriting? How do I know if I will be approved by simplified medical underwriting?
With simplified medical underwriting, there is no medical exam, only a few medical questions on the application. You will be approved or denied based on your answers to the medical questions. For more details about medical underwriting, please contact the enrollment center at 224-770-5328.

What if I am denied by Amalgamated Life due to medical underwriting?
If you were denied by Amalgamated based on medical underwriting, your application will be “parked” at Amalgamated. NOTE: Members previously enrolled in MetLife Long-term Disability will NOT be parked. Please see Notice to Prior MetLife Participants.

Your denial can be overturned if 20% of members enroll in the plan. Within the Voluntary Disability Plan (VDP), Bus members and Rail members are separated into two groups, each with their own 20% participation requirement. Once 20% of members enroll in the VDP, then all coverage amounts up to $3,000 per month (not to exceed 60% of earnings) will be Guaranteed Approved for all members, except for any member that had a policy previously issued for a smaller amount.

How will I know if my denial has been overturned because 20% participation has been met?
You will be notified by the SMART TD VDP Enrollment center.


Your MetLife Plan was cancelled on April 1st, 2019. In order to regain your coverage, you must enroll in the new Voluntary Disability Plan (VDP). Please call 224-770-5328 to enroll.

Because you were previously enrolled in the MetLife Voluntary Long-Term Disability Plan, you are guaranteed approved for benefit amounts up to $1,000 with no medical underwriting. You have until the end of open enrollment to receive your guaranteed approved benefit. Members that were not previously enrolled in the MetLife Voluntary Long-Term Disability Plan have no guaranteed benefit and are subject to simplified medical underwriting.

As a previous MetLife Long-Term Disability participant, if you enroll now, benefit amounts up to $1,000 are guaranteed with no medical underwriting. If you enroll in an amount over $1,000 and are not approved by simplified medical underwriting, then your coverage amount will be set at the guaranteed issue amount of $1,000 regardless of future participation. If you wait and enroll after 20% participation is achieved, you may elect up to a $3,000 guaranteed benefit. Benefit elections higher than $3,000 per month will always require approval by simplified underwriting regardless of participation.

To enroll or learn more, please call the SMART TD VDP Enrollment Center at 224-770-5328. You are encouraged to call the Enrollment Center to discuss your options with a Benefit Specialist and select the benefit that best fits your needs and the needs of your family.

IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to enroll in the new Voluntary Disability Plan, and if you don’t then you will not have coverage. Open enrollment ends on November 30th, 2019. Please call 224-770-5328 to enroll.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this page is for informational purposes only and makes no guarantee or warranty on the processing of claims. Other limitations may apply. It is recommended that each member with coverage obtain a copy and read the entire policy. Each policy is issued specific to each person, the state that they reside in, and the coverage that they elect.

Individual Disability Income Insurance is underwritten by Amalgamated Life Insurance Company.

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